RetroPie for Beelink X2 v.1.2.1 beta

Version 1.2.1 beta
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Create Date December 21, 2017
Last Updated December 22, 2017
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RetroPie Licenses RetroPie is a system to install/configure emulators on an existing OS – The RetroPie Setup Script is released under the GPL.

The image we provide is Debian (Armbian) with RetroPie pre-installed. Much of the software included in the RetroPie image have non-commercial licences. Because of this selling a pre-installed RetroPie image is not legal – this includes “giving away” a pre-installed RetroPie with your commercial product. Including copyrighted games with RetroPie is also not allowed.

If you are selling hardware that supports RetroPie you should provide a link to our site for your customers rather than including a RetroPie image with your product. RetroPie does not ship with any copyrighted ROMs or games and does not condone illegal activity.

Original refer: RetroPie for Beelink X2 v.1.2.1 beta

This version is for Beelink X2 board v3.1 with RTL8189ETV Wi-fi module

  • Armbian 5.37
  • CPU performance up to 1344MHz without overheat
  • Mupen64plus with Rice plugin (720p)
  • PPSSPP emulator
  • Refactor settings menu
  • WiFi controll and on screen keyboard for set password in EmulationStation
  • Emulators Settings. Set Smooth, Integer scale, Aspect Ratio (config, 16:9, 4:3), Auto Save and Auto Load on emulator start and exit